Koren S, Rhie A, Walenz BP, Dilthey AT, Bickhart DM, Kingan SB, Hiendleder S, Williams JL, Smith TPL, Phillippy AM. Complete assembly of parental haplotypes with trio binning. Biorxiv. (2018).

Combined presentation from talks by Arang Rhie and Sergey Koren at PAGXXVI.

A. thal
Raw data including PacBio sequencing is available from the NCBI

A. thal Parent assemblies came from the FALCON-unzip paper.
A. thal COL kmers, reads, and asm
A. thal CVI kmers, reads, and asm
A. thal unclassified reads

H. sapiens
Raw data including PacBio sequencing is available from the NCBI

H. sapiens HG38 version of 1000 genome result
H. sapiens validation vcf
H. sapiens maternal kmers, reads, and asm
H. sapiens paternal kmers, reads, and asm
H. sapiens unclassified reads
H. sapiens FALCON-unzip assembly primary and alts

B. taurus
Before publishing on them, we are releasing the raw reads, haplotype bins, and assembled genomes for B. taurus as a service to the research community. These data release will also occur through the public archives, such as GenBank at NCBI. We encourage others to use these data, but expect them to respect our right to first presentation (including journal publications, pre-prints such as in bioRxiv, public conference talks, and press releases) of a genome-wide analysis of the data we generate, including the use of genome-wide data for phylogenetic and evolutionary analysis, on behalf of ourselves as data producers, the sample providers and collaborators. Therefore, please respect the embargo on the presentation of analyses using pre-publication data that we release via this website and the relevant archives.

Raw data including PacBio sequencing, Illumina sequencing of parents, is available from the NCBI

B. taurus brahma kmers, reads, and asm
B. taurus angus kmers, reads and asm
B. taurus unclassified reads
B. taurus FALCON-unzip assembly primaryand alts