Mihai's Research

Below is a list of several ongoing projects in my lab. Note that not all projects are necessarily active or current. They all represent interest research of mine and work in these areas depends on the availability of funding, time, and "able bodies". For software packages developed as part of this research see our Software page.

Note that I do not do research on machine learning, statistics, or graphics, though I use tools from these fields on occasion. My primary interests relate algorithms for processing strings (pairwise alignment, and multiple alignment of DNA or protein sequences) and graphs (uncovering interesting patterns in assembly graphs). I am also very interested in graph drawing and in software testing for bioinformatics/scientific applications.

Some of these projects provide opportunities undergraduate research, either as summer projects or as part of the CS honors program. For more information on how to apply for such research opportunities see our Undergraduate Programs page.

Motivating applications

The research performed in my lab is motivated and driven by real biological applications. In addition to doing basic research and writing software, the researchers in the lab work to analyze real biological datasets generated by our collaborators. Here are some examples from among the many projects we are and have been involved with:

Other research

In addition to the major research interests outlined above, my lab is also working on several other topics: